Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for CHUNAUTI

The CHUNAUTI is an innovative NextGen Startup Challenge Contest under Next Generation Incubation Scheme (NGIS).

CHUNAUTI – Challenge Hunt Under NGIS for Advanced Uninhibited Technology Interventions is an online challenge under NGIS to identify start-ups working towards solutions/outstanding software products for futuristic problems/emerging ICT technology/ Societal problem statements with effective solutions.

The program will be conducted on time-to-time basis. Once the program is open, applicant may submit their application on https://ngis.stpi.in

  • Indian start-ups who are working in domain related to software product Development.
  • Start-ups registered with DPIIT under start-up India program.
  • Individual Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Partnership firms, LLPs may also participate, however, if they are selected then they will have to register as private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

For more details, please visit https://ngis.stpi.in

The mode of participation is online. Applicant may apply directly on the website through “Apply Now” link. Once the program is open, we will be sharing the link on our website.

No. Individual Academicians, Researchers, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Partnership firms, LLPs may also participate. However, if they get selected then they will have to register as private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

Yes. The applicants submitting the applications can be in any of the following stages.


Individual innovators can also apply.

For more details, kindly visit https://ngis.stpi.in/.

No, if you have ideas and you are a maker, doer or visionary, you are more than welcome to participate in CHUNAUTI program.

No, the contest does not have any age limit.

No registration fee is required to participate.

Once an application has been submitted, an auto generated e-mail confirming the successful submission will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Yes, you can edit your application before final submission using User ID and Password generated upon registration. However, once you do the final submission, the application cannot be edited.

Applicants may check their result on https://ngis.stpi.in. Additionally, selected applicants will be notified through email provided by applicant(s) at the time of registration/application submission.

  • Designated committee(s) shall be formed for screening, Evaluation & Selection.
  • All the applications received shall be subject to a rigorous centralized multi-tier Screening process with involvement of appropriate experts from respective domain and/or location as deemed fit.

The selection process begins with startups submitting an online application. Once received, the expert team review it as soon as possible and shortlists the applications based on the core objective of the program. Following this, shortlisted applicants will be called for pitch presentation (physical/ virtual).

All submission will be assessed based on the following broad criteria:





Potential to address societal challenges

Each edition of CHUNAUTI program will have its specific domains/focus areas/problem statements/etc. The same will be mentioned on our website once the program starts.

Yes, you may apply choosing more than one domain under a single application.

The mentioned sectors are our primary focus for the program. However, if your startup has innovative products/solutions creating disproportionate impact in any sector, you are most welcome to apply.

Yes, if the innovation does not fit in the listed focus areas, applicants may choose “others” category to apply.

  • A seed funding (Equity/ Equity based Instrument) of up to Rs. 25.00 Lakhs will be provided through Financial Institution to each beneficiary/supported Start-ups selected through CHUNAUTI contest under NGIS based on innovative idea, novel solutions, strong team and sound business proposal.
  • Start-ups who are in ideation stage may be selected under pre-incubation program & mentored for up to six months to evolve their business plan & solution around the proposed idea. Each intern (start-up under pre-incubation) will be paid Rs. 10,000 / – per month for a period of 6 months.

For more details, please visit https://ngis.stpi.in/.

Yes, there is a pan-India mentor pool to support/nurture innovative ideas of start-ups in terms of providing technical, business and strategic mentoring, etc.

Other than financial supports, the program offers physical incentives/soft support like.

  • Ready to work Plug-n-Play incubation space along with high speed internet access.
  • Networking opportunities/industry connected go-to market support for exhibiting/Showcasing products/ solutions through various National/International events/Workshops/exhibitions.
  • Full-fledged security and vulnerability testing of Software Products through the dedicated Software Product Security Testing (SPST) facility.
  • Advisory services such as HR, Legal, Accounting, IPR/Patenting and other support Services.

For more details, please visit  https://ngis.stpi.in/

You need not to be a registered firm to apply. However, if selected, then you will have to register your startup as a private limited company in a stipulated time (preferably within 3 months).

Yes, you can apply but please do highlight additional steps taken to improve your concept/product since your previous application. These steps can be (but not limited to) any new pilots, modifications in concept or better articulated USP etc. However, Start-ups who are beneficiary of this program can not apply again.

In case you are facing any problem regarding the registration or login process, do get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to get back to you in addressing your issue(s).

If your question has not been answered through these FAQs, please contact us at startup.pmu@stpi.in

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